LUSH | Lip Scrub


I’ve only recently jumped onto the Lush bandwagon but I am so glad I did. I’ve been absolutely loving their lip scrubs, specifically the Mint JulipsI received this pod for free to test out but it is still available as a staple for Lush year round at any store or online typically selling for $10-11. I never would have picked it up because for the price it looks too small, but I’ve had this pod for over 7 months now and I still have lots left. You don’t need a lot of product to get the best outcome, but the amount of times you do this per month or week is completely up to you.
For something as basic as sugar and mint, I was pretty amazed to see how it left my lips looking and feeling. During the winter months your skin tends to get dry and cracked and you start slathering on the lip chap. However, most people don’t exfoliate their lips or ever think too. The first time I used the scrub I saw just how much residue my lip chap left over and to be honest, I was pretty grossed out. While I recommend using this before you put anything onto your lips, I’m sure it would be able to remove just about any lip product.
Moving into lip products, I found that if I used this before applying lipliner or lipstick it wouldn’t dry out as fast and it would be smoother to apply. It’s also just refreshing to have ‘clean’ lips before putting on your favorite lipstick. One thing that always makes me a little self conscious about wearing lipstick is when you can see the cracks in my lips, so I found that using this product once a week decreased the amount of cracks in my lips and plumps them up a bit.
A few fun features of this little magical pod is that the mint makes your lips tingly, which I assume helps with the plumping feature. Since it is just sugar and mint you are free to lick off the excess or just wash it off with water. But the later seems a bit wasteful if you ask me. So not only will your lips thank you but so will your tastebuds. They have a few other flavors if you’re not a fan of mint, and they are always coming out with new kinds as well.
If you are new to Lush or are just looking for a good lip scrub that won’t actually hurt your lips and feel like your scrapping off the first 20 layers of skin, I suggest you try any of the Lush lip scrubs.

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