URBAN DECAY | Naked Basics




I was a late bloomer in terms of wanting to wear makeup. I didn’t really start to want, or actually care about it, until I turned 18. One of my first real investments into the makeup world was the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. I bought it at Sephora for $36 and it was the best first investment I could have ever made. It comes with six small pods, five being matte, and one sparkly. The palette also comes in larger tins with a larger variety of shades and also two other variations of the small basic palettes, one being a smokey eye palette. It is very compact and easy to bring anywhere without taking too much room in your makeup bag or purse and is just the perfect size for a first timer.

It has a very good variety of the basic nude shades for a beginner like me. Nothing too crazy, but something subtle and neutral. To this day, I still use the black pod of eyeshadow Crave to fill in my eyebrows if I’m not using a brow pen. Even though I don’t classify myself as a makeup expert or even claim to know the basics, I can make a vouch for Urban Decay that their eyeshadows are amazing. 

As a makeup newbie, I would get any eyeshadow I could get my hands on at my local drugstore. While I am a HUGE advocate for drugstore makeup, once I got my Urban Decay palette, I could instantly tell the difference. Not only did the shades appear more smooth and vibrant, but the most important thing in an eyeshadow is it’s building and it’s blending ability. Not knowing much about these in my pre-Urban Decay stage, may have been why I looked like a clown anytime I attempted to do a smokey eye with drugstore eyeshadow. However, even now I’ve gone back and attempted but I’ve never got the same look as with a higher end shadow palette.

While the brush you use is important for achieving the look you want, I always lean on the basis that if it’s a good eyeshadow, you’ll be able to pull it off even if you use your fingers. The building ability on this palette isn’t the best that I’ve ever come across, but then again, I might just be doing it wrong. However, the blending of the shades is effortless and easy to do. Each shade works nicely into the other regardless of what tool I’m using to blend them.

I think this palette is perfect for those of you who are just starting out with makeup, those of you who like to keep it more natural, or just nude enthusiasts. It’s a great all round palette and it’s definitely something I’ll be repurchasing once I run out of all the shades. 

If you have any other Urban Decay palettes I should try, let me know in the comments or if you have any additional information on this palette that people would like to know if they’re looking into buying a nude palette.

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