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One of my newest favorite places to visit is Aquatopia. Basically if you’re not from Ottawa, you won’t know what this is. It was about a forty minute drive from my neighborhood so it wasn’t too far out. However, I’m sure there are many other places just like it in various other countries but I can imagine you having to drive to it as it does require quite a lot of land. I had recently found it advertisement on Facebook and thought I just had to go. It’s basically a little cafe greenhouse that serves coffees and little bits of food. It’s mainly a place to rent out for weddings or large parties, but they do open it to the public for high tea lunches. It’s absolutely adorable, I loved everything about it. 

As it is a greenhouse, they were also selling all kinds of succulents, plants, and handmade ornaments. I wanted everything as I’m a huge succulent fan, but unfortunately I kill every succulent I touch which is apparently a difficult thing to do. I can picture going back in the midst of winter when it’s snowing out and be able to see the snow falling onto the glass roof. A nice hot chocolate in my hand and being toasty inside. I think greenhouse cafe style venues are absolutely gorgeous and would probably be really popular, especially those who live in large cities. Having a little greenhouse cafe to escape to is a nice little retreat needed from the bustle of everyday routine. This is just one of my favorite little retreat spots that I thought I’d share. It had amazing lighting for photos and it was just too cute not to photograph. 

Do you have any favorite retreats in your city that you like to go to? And if you’re a succulent freak like I am, which kinds are you favorite?

6 thoughts on “AQUATOPIA | Greenhouse Cafe

  1. Kathleen Pederson says:

    OMG I love it! It's so cute. There is a little ice cream shop where I live that has been in business since the 1970's and serves the BEST homemade ice cream ever!



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