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Everyone as a kid was excited to go to the zoo to see the monkeys and all the other adorable animals. I hadn’t been to a zoo since I was about six years old, until 2015 when I happened to be in Toronto and decided to go to the Toronto Zoo. It was definitely one of the better zoos I have been to in my time and was by far the largest. I hope you enjoy some of the photos I took of the animals as they are all very cute. I think I had over two thousand photos of the animals taken that day, but these are a few of my favorite ones. I’ve actually been thinking of framing a few with the same color scheme to hang around the house. If you have any photos you’re proud of you should definitely get them blown up and frame them to hang around your space. There is nothing better than having art around your house and even more so when it’s your own. It’s a great conversational piece to anyone who looks at it, and a showcase of your amazing talent. 

Have you ever taken a photo you were proud of? If so, did you publish it anywhere or print it out? What is the picture of and where did you take it! It’d be great tot hear where you’ve taken your proudest pictures.

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