THE BODY SHOP | Favorite Lips

The recent obsession I’ve had with The Body Shop is a bit much. For a company that doesn’t test on animals and uses mostly all organic ingredients, it’s honestly not that expensive. When I was out shopping one day, I came across one of their stores and saw that they were having a great sale, which I find they usually always do. The selection of items they have in store obviously varies on the size of the store itself, but there isn’t typically an overwhelming amount to pick from. The one at my local shopping mall is small enough that it was easy for me to find something I wanted without having to sort through hours worth of stuff.

The very first things I ever bought from The Body Shop were their body butters and moisturizers. To this day, I have yet to be disappointed by any of their products. I’ll probably do a separate post on their butters because they’re just that good. For now, I’ll just limit myself to talking about the lip products I’ve bought. As far as what I had always thought about The Body Shop, I never expected them to sell makeup so I was quite surprised to find a range of products and shades that I love.

So as far as lipsticks go, I’ve owned quite a few. I basically refuse to pay a high price for lipsticks since there are so many good drugstore versions of the same colors and consistencies. I had stumbled upon an online sale from The Body Shop which I believe was buy three get three free. In the sale, each lipstick was $15 which I think is a nice medium between drugstore and a slightly more higher end lipstick. For the price of $50, I received 6 different lipsticks. With the sale, each lipstick came to roughly $8.60, which is the same price I would pay for my typical drugstore lip. In the order I received:

1 x Matte Lip Liquid Lipstick – 26 Magnolia
1 x Colour Crush Lipstick – 340 – Berry Me
1 x Colour Crush Lipstick – 335 Hot Date
1 x Colour Crush Matte Lipstick – 423 Rio Fuchsia 
1 x Colour Crush Matte Lipstick – 429 Oaska Plum 
1 x Colour Crush Matte Lipstick – 430 Sienna Rose

Magnolia Liquid Lip
Berry Me (Left) Hot Date (Right)
Rio Fuchsia Matte Lip
Osaka Plum Matte Lip
Sienna Rose Matte Lip

My favorite three out of the six that I got have to be Magnolia, Berry Me, and Sienna Rose. I took a chance and ordered them online, which is a bit risky since I always struggle finding fun lip colors that go with my skin tone that are not the typical nude. I lucked out as the colors that were shown, more or less, came out the exact same on me as I saw them on the website. The only one I wasn’t too excited about was the Rio Fuchsia as I just don’t think the color suits my skin tone. 

As for wear and the feel, I would say the liquid lip feels and lasts longer than the NYX liquid suede that I’ve tried. I found all the lipsticks had a very creamy texture that felt really nice and smooth when I put them on. The liquid lip did dry out eventually, as they all do, but I found it lasted longer than any other liquid lip I had bought previously. 

I usually prefer matte lipstick, however I didn’t find anything excessive about the regular, shiny lipstick. While it’s not matte, I wouldn’t classify it as a true shiny lip, it just gives a slight glossy look but isn’t too crazy.

If there’s one thing I noticed the most about wearing these lipsticks is, especially in the matte, I found the lipstick didn’t transfer onto glasses as much as I had expected. I found the matte and liquid lip more difficult to get off at the end of the day than other lipstick I’ve worn, which is a good sign. However, the liquid is transferable onto basically anything yet the color somehow still manages to stay.

The pigmentation in all of them are perfect for the amount of lipstick I actually wear. While some might think they’re  slightly less pigmented than one swipe of NYX liquids lips, with two or three swipes, the color is brilliant and lasts quite a long time.

Overall, I was very impressed with their lips and I’m eager to try more of their makeup in the future. They have an entire range and I think it’s perfect for beginners or people who have a minimal makeup type look. They have a few products and a small range of colors. Enough to find your favorite shades, but not too many that you’ll have to sit there forever swatching colors. Having a smaller amount of choice gives the feel that the ones you do have to select from are going to be great. For a company who is not primarily makeup, their lipstick is my go to and trumps my drugstore makeups. Like I said before, their lipstick range has the funky colors you might be looking for, but they’re not the crazy that would make them unwearable at work or at school. I find their shades and ranges realistic for the stage in my life and for the price and pay off of the colors and wear, they’ve definitely won me over.

I am most eager to try out more of their liquid lips because I only got the one color, and it was an ambitious one at that. Due to their smaller range of colors for the matte lips and the regular, you can own all the colors you want in a short amount of time because there may only be a few you would wear. These lips have replaced my old go to lips by NYX, just because I find them slightly more reliable and realistic for a professional type look at work and school. I still own more than I probably should by NYX and do still use their lips for occasions where I need to be dressed up, but as for my daily routine goes, The Body Shop ones are definitely what I gravitate towards.

Let me know if you’ve ever tried any of The Body Shop’s other makeup or even their lipsticks and what you think of them!

P.s Sorry for the crappy quality of photos, my camera lens has magically gotten a fracture hair line in the lens and doesn’t seem to work. As it’s in my main lens, none of my others are really up for the task, so have some iPhone photos!

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