FAVORITE PLACE | The Wizarding World of Harry Potter





Firstly, I’ll just say, yes, I took a lot of pictures of the dragon. He breaths fire every fifteen minutes, I spent a lot of time just staring at him.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter world at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida multiple times, and explore every inch of it. The first two times, my camera didn’t leave my eye socket, so I was able to digitally imprint myself there. However, it was the third time that I really got to explore and enjoy my time because I left my camera back at the room. Not only are there amazing rides, beautiful scenes to take in, and a giant theme park spreading across two sides of Universal, everything down to the restaurants and shops sold Harry Potter related food. Everything from Butterbeer in it’s many different forms, whether it be the hot drink, the cold drink, butterbeer ice cream, they have it all. Chocolate frogs, Pumpkin Juice, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavored Beans, they even have the Skiving Snackboxes for sale, which I totally got by the way. 

There is so much to do and see in this massive theme park, if you haven’t already gone to see it, I highly recommend it. A majority of the core cast even filmed a few extra pieces for the rides and attractions for the original side of the park which makes it feel all the more homely. The only bad thing is that once the second park was built, they didn’t get the original cast back, so there are some pretty terrible Hermione and Ron impressions on the train ride over, but I won’t complain too much.

It truly is my favorite place to be, my entire family prefers it over Disney or any other theme park we’ve been too so far. It’s an amazing experience even to just go once and take it all in, but I do recommend taking at least two days, and getting a park hopper so you can ride the Hogwarts Express! 

If you’ve had a childhood similar to mine, the first book came out the year I was born, and it has actively been a part of my life ever since I could read. Going to the place of my childhood fantasy was so overwhelming, I actually teared up. You walk past Jurassic World and see the snow caped peaks of Hogsmeade and hear the iconic theme song and know you’re home. 











Have you guys ever been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter? If you have, I’m sure you’ve loved it, but what has been your favorite parts? Or what would you have added or changed about it? 

4 thoughts on “FAVORITE PLACE | The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  1. Nicky says:

    I've never been to Universal Studios, but now I really want to go! I'm currently rereading the books for the umpteenth time and am up to the sixth one. I really wish I could apparate there, but alas, I never got my letter 😦

    Nicky | nickyjane99.blogspot.com


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