CANADA 150 | Mosaïcanada

For Canada’s 150th year, Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau created a flower-hedge wonderland to celebrate the diversity and accomplishments of Canada so far. It’s open for the public and has been open from June and I believe it goes on until October. If you are from the area and haven’t gone to see it yet, I highly recommend it! It’s beautiful, and obviously it smells amazing. It’s free, the only thing you have to worry about is finding parking, as it was quite busy when I went. I think they also have a shuttle service, or you could bus if you know the area to save on the parking. They do have guided tours apparently that allow you to skip the line, but I recommend you go at your own pace so you have all the time there that you want and can take however many pictures. Also, the line moved pretty quickly so you don’t spend a lot of time waiting. It doesn’t take too long to do the whole tour as well, probably about thirty to forty-five minutes, depending on how many pictures you take. They even have a few nice shaded parts to chill in if it’s super hot like when I went, however, they don’t really allow you to pack a picnic type lunch just to keep birds away and to keep the premises clean. No dogs or bikes are allowed either and they do a little bag check on arrival just to keep up with safety procedures. There are a few spots across the park that sell things like water, and probably ice cream, but I don’t think they’d stop you from bringing your own water bottle or a little snack.

















These last three photos (^) are my favorite features, probably other than the ship. The detail that went into these features are so amazing they almost look fake. The park was showcasing all the different cultures that have conglomerated and have come together to call Canada home. If there’s one thing I’m most proud about being Canadian, it has to be the acceptance of all the different cultures and its diversity across the country. While I don’t think there is a perfect place in this world that is fully accepting, open, and hasn’t had a history of trying to keep others out or conquering others, I think the attempt made this year has been a decent start for Canada.








There was so much time and dedication that went into this project and I think it turned out amazing. It attracted a lot of people from across Canada to come and celebrate in the capital for the 150th year. Obviously there are wires and cables inside the features to ensure they don’t fall over in bad weather and so they can be extremely detail oriented, but it truly is amazing. The closest thing I’ve seen too it is the Epcot gardens in Disney World, but this is a little more special to me. 

If you’re from Canada or even the capital, have you gone to see the Mosaic? Let me know which feature you like best out of the photos shown here! There were so many more, but I didn’t want the entire post to be photos, so I chose my favorite ones. Hope you enjoy!

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