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It may seem like I have a Body Shop obsession, which is one hundred percent true, but this next post is worth your looking into if you have incredibly dry skin and crack your way through the winter months. In Canada, winter is obviously cold and I’m often exposed to the winds and drafts waiting for buses and even just sitting in some classrooms. I have tried quite a few moisturizers to quench my thirsty skin, but none have sold me as much as the body butters from The Body Shop do.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this in my previous post about The Body Shop, but they have a reward program, like many other stores do, I believe it’s a point per dollar you spend and once you have 100 points, you get $10 off. It might seem like a stretch to spend $100 on body stuff, but they also have double the point days where, obviously, you earn double the points for each dollar. Within three purchases, all three under $50, I had already gotten up to my $10 reward. So the haul that I’m bringing you now, only cost me about $23 and I got 4 body butters. They also have $10 off for your birthday month and many other amazing little deals.

The four body butters I’ll be raving about today are: the
Moringa Body Butter, the Cocoa Butter Body Butter, the Vineyard Peach Body Butter, and the Honey Mania Body Butter.

For some reason the Moringa body is just a standard 24 hour moisturizer, whereas the other three are all 48 hours. As ridiculous as it sounds, the 48 hour ones definitely last longer and produce more nourishment to my skin than the Moringa 24 hour one. I use one after each shower and it keeps the moisture locked in and carries on until the next time I shower. I’m prone to getting dry legs, and they’re really bad after I shave, putting this stuff on not only gets rid of the little white dry pulls of skin, but it doesn’t irritate me either because they’re made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals that’ll cause rashes or anything like that.

I don’t recommend these products if you don’t like scented butters, for obvious reasons, they are extremely poignant and will leave you smelling like the butter until you wash it off the next time. The only negative thing I will say about The Body Shop scents is they tend to smell different in different forms. For example, the Wild Argan Oil Scrub is probably my favorite scent in the entire world while it’s in the scrub form, but once you smell it in the body butter, it doesn’t smell that great. So I recommend if you are going to try this stuff out for the first time, I’d try to get to a shop to sniff them yourself, but 90% of the time, you’ll get your products smelling lovely in most forms of the products.

If I had to break down what it is that has amazed me so much about these butters, it would be the texture, the duration, and the scent. The texture in the 48 hour ones is extremely thick, as in, the butter is almost solid and you have to put a bit of pressure to get some out. The 24 hour one is more like a liquid, but still body butter consistency. I’m not sure if the time has anything to do with the texture, but I prefer the 48 hour, more hard butters, to the soft ones just because I feel like they are actually being worked into the skin when you rub it in versus just staying on the surface and drying out after a couple of hours.

The duration, as I said, will last until you shower again, the 48 hour ones lasting longer than the 24 hour one, as I found the 24 hour one lasts only a 12 hour time frame at most. Personally, I find the duration of these butters last ten times longer than Bath and Body creams or any other Nivea body cream that I have used previously. Along with duration, the duration of the product itself is actually impressive for what you pay. I usually only ever buy them when they’re on sale, because I really don’t need anymore. With the thicker butters, I find you don’t need as much because a little goes a long way and it really gets worked into your skin. I prefer tubs of creams and butters to the bottles with a squeeze because you can get every last bit of product out and it’s just easier to see how much you have left.

The scent, of course, is amazing and fills your entire bathroom. It does complicate things a bit if you like wearing perfumes or body sprays, as the scents can mix together and create an odd smell. I haven’t worn a body spray in a long time though because the butters act as my scent and so it has a double purpose. The scents are very strong and actually trails behind you all day without losing any of it’s promising smell.

The only body butter I was a bit on the fence about scent wise was the cocoa butter one, I feel like it’s one of those scents that you smell for the first time and think it’s amazing but the more you smell it the more funky you seem to think it gets. I still love the scent, and when it’s on your skin it does actually smell like chocolate. But I think when you sniff it straight out of the tub it’s a bit overwhelming and smells a bit like plastic or something. I digress, it’s still an amazing scent.

Moving on, I used to hate moisturizing my body after showering because it was just a lot of effort, and your hands felt all funky after and then you’d get sticky and wouldn’t be able to put clothes on. While you may still be sticky after these body butters for a couple of minutes, it goes on super smooth and that kind of makes up for the stickiness and actually makes me enjoy buttering myself up now, as weird as that sounds. Depending on how much you put, and how much you rub it in, I find they absorb pretty fast and I’m able to dress myself within five minutes. Although if you don’t like after smells of lotions and creams, it will make your clothing smell like the butter, so make sure you actually like the butter.

A few small tips is to just make sure the butter is rubbed in all the way for maximum use. Take less then you think you’ll need, as it spreads pretty far, and if you need more just add a little on. Finally, don’t leave it out in the sun all day, or any over heated room, because after a long time, as any product would, it starts to melt and you lose that amazing creamy, thick texture. Surprisingly, it can withstand quite a bit and I’ve been able to leave it in a really steamy room for a few hours without anything bad happening to them. Just don’t chance it.

The next thing I’ll mention is something similar that I brought up in the post about their lipsticks. Due to them being a more focused on quality rather than quantity brand, they don’t have that many scents. Instead they have the same scent in every form of body product. They use all natural ingredients which limits their scents to everything in the natural world. I find it really refreshing, but I know I used to be all about the Bath and Body Works creams and sprays because they have an insane selection of scents. However, it’s impossible to not find a scent you like at The Body Shop, but if you find that there isn’t one, they honestly come out with new scents more often than you’d think, so there’s always something new to look forward too in finding your future favorite scent.

I have recently been gifted a set of their mango collection and can’t wait to try it out! Have you tried any of their body butters? Which are your favorites? If they could create any scent in the world, what would you want it to be? I’d love to know, as for me, I just love their Wild Argan Oil, but I wish it would smell as great in butter form as it does in the scrub version, but I’d also kill for a water or sea based scent. Let me know what you think!

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