MUSIC TOP 10 | Songs I’ve Recently Been Loving


Music is a huge part of my life and I can’t even try to imagine what the world would be like without it. Without getting too sappy on you, music is probably the number one way I self medicate and keep myself sane. In the spirit of school starting up again, I’ll be needing a lot of music to get me through my third year at uni. If you like any of the same genres as me, which ranges from classic rock, to indie, alternative, and pop, I hope some of these songs can provide an escape for you this upcoming year.

These are in no particular order, as I wouldn’t even know where to start in ranking songs.

I usually hate covers, but you gotta love Joe Jonas. This rehash of the Tina Turner original is actually amazing, and I surprisingly prefer it over the original. I think his voice is perfectly suited for this song and you can tell he poured a lot of emotion into it.
I think a lot of these songs on this list were random discoveries on Spotify, but I’m so glad that I came across them. This song is fun, upbeat, and a head bopper. I love the guys voice with its rock/altern vibe. It’s just a great song and makes me instantly happy.
Another one I found off Spotify. I actually listen to this band quite a bit now thanks to finding this song. I think they’re unique to other bands and it’s shown in this song. Its got a nice toe tapping beat. I’m also a sucker for the more raspy voices, if you couldn’t already tell.
I might be a little excited with the Arcade Fire business because I’m seeing them in four days, but this is their latest album called, you guessed it, Everything Now, and it has blown my mind. I used to be a big fan and then kind of lost interest once I heard the Reflektor album, as I didn’t like it as much as their previous stuff. However, driving into work one day I heard this song on the radio and jammed out. It has a total 70’s/80’s vibe. The lyrics are great and his voice is so unique. It’s been my summer anthem.
I thought Everything Now was my favorite song off their latest album until I did some digging on their new album and heard Creature Comfort. It has a Nine Inch Nail vibe at the beginning and then it just completely mellows out. This song is close to my heart because of lyrics more than anything. It’s just a chill song with an important message, much like Everything Now. It’s got a real funky intro and kind of makes you feel like you’re just drifting along in space while tapping your toe and bobbing your head. His voice is a bit more edgier in this song, but I think it works. I could honestly go on and on about this song and all the important things it talks about. It’s definitely a song I’ve jammed too more than once this summer.
I was really excited about the revival of Simple Plan and wasn’t disappointed. There are so many songs off their Taking One For The Team album that I love and listen to daily. Everything Sucks was one that I listened to the most this summer because it’s essentially a pity party song but without the sadness and self-loathing. It’s upbeat and it makes you feel like you’re not alone when you think everything sucks. This was tied with I Refuse, because that song also has a very special place in my heart, but to keep this list at ten, I just picked Everything Sucks.
I think this popped up on a recommended playlist on Spotify one day. It was the first song I had ever heard by Cage the Elephant, and it’s made me go look them up. I also might have crapped myself a bit when I heard it in Riverdale as well because it totally fit the scene. But overall, it’s such a chill song that you can just relax and empty your mind too.
Billy Talent was one of the first hard core ‘metal/rock’ bands I had ever heard. Are they even classified as metal? I think I found them through a Guitar Hero game and then after the early 2000’s they kind of faded from my memory. One day while driving to work, I heard this song off their new album play on the radio, I listen to an alternative station typically, and I fell in love all over again. It’s just another great song and it still has the old Billy Talent vibe that I used to love years ago.
My mom is a major Bon Jovi fan and it may have rubbed off on me a little. I update her iPod and have all his songs because of her. One night I was just shuffling and came across this beautiful love ballad. It’s quickly become one of my favorite songs by him and there really is nothing better than blasting it while lip syncing. Some people don’t think it’s a sweet song because it deals with mistress’s and being apart, but as a whole I think it’s a really cute song.
I think the entire world kind of fell in love with this song when it was released. Typically, I’m not into Selena Gomez and the latest pop hits, but this one is just so funky and has a sick beat. It’s very different for her and I’m digging it.

I feel like these ten songs have gotten me through the summer, mostly unscathed, and will get me through the beginning of the school year as well. The last month of summer was particularly grueling for me so I’m very glad music was there to get me through it. Let me know if you like any of these songs or if you’re hearing some for the first time, let me know what you think!

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