MUSIC | Top 5 Current Song Obsessions

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I listen to music almost everyday for about 4 hours each day, if not more, depending on the commute. I could easily make a top 20 current song list and multiple of them every week, but for simplicity reasons, I’ll give you my current top five in no particular order:

    1. Lying to You – Goldroom
      This was a favorite song of mine as soon as I heard it come up on a shuffle playlist on Spotify. It’s really just a sweet song, and is really mellow. That is, it’s mellow until the chorus. This is one of those songs you listen too with all the windows down driving around and just pretending you’re in a movie honestly. It’s unique, he has a good voice, there’s a nice beat, and it’s so catchy. You can’t not bop your head or sign the chorus.


  • Don’t Wanna Fight – Alabama Shakes
    Funky. Disco. 70’s Bee Gees vibe. I’ve been listening to this band for about seven years now, I think. It wasn’t until this year that I actually took the time to go search them up and found out that the lead singer is female. I had just assumed the lead was a male. I think this band got a million times more interesting after I found out that the lead singer is female. She has such a unique voice and if you like the sound of the Bee Gees or anything remotely 70’s, you’ll probably like this band. They’re often chill, and mellow, but are toe tappers.  I’m just taken away with how different each of their songs are and I have yet to find anything like it in the modern day.


  • Walking the Wire – Imagine Dragons
    One of my favorite bands of all time, their latest album was released June 23rd this year (the day before my birthday, what an amazing gift). I’ve now seen them in concert twice and I can honestly say they’re one of the more talent artists who get air time on the radio. I think they’re really innovative in their music making abilities and it just sounds different from everything else I hear. They sound the exact same live as they do on their album. But back to the song, it actually showcases some of Dan’s vocals off, and again, is just a sweet song. There’s no other way to explain it unless you give it a listen! I promise you won’t regret it, that is if you like alternative/rock.


  • Fool – Fitz and the Tantrums
    I love this song. It’s catchy, it makes me want to dance, and it has a good message about living in healthy relationships. I’ve been a big fan of Fitz and the Tantrums now for a couple of years and their songs honestly never disappoint me. Always having something interesting to say in their lyrics, and always have an amazing, unique beat to go with it.


  • Hard Times – Paramore
    Again, it looks like I’m all about those blasts from the past. Paramore is another older band I used to listen to eons ago. This also sounds like a song you might hear in the 70’s or 80’s. Hayley Williams’ voice is amazing in this, and it’s just so funky. While it depicts a struggle, hence the name of the song, it’s such an uplifting tone and makes you want to dance no mater what hard time you might be facing. Just an all around banger. I have no complaints, regardless of their shift into the modern era.

These are the current top 5 songs I’m obsessed with. I know a majority are probably obscure to the average radio listener but they’re totally worth the listen! They all kind of fall into the same genre or style, but they’ve gotten me through the last month like no other!

Let me know if you enjoy any of these or which one is your favorite!

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