5 TIPS | On Becoming Inspired Again


As writers, bloggers, and creative people, I’m sure you’ve all been in the hole of despair before. Having no inspiration, writers block, or no motivation to do anything even remotely creative. I’ve been in that hole for about a solid month now and I can honestly say it sucks. I’m ready to come up for air, but it’s also been difficult. You are the only one who can build up your ladder to freedom. If you’re anything like me, your favorite kind of party is a pity party, and they’re not helpful in times like these.

I’m a firm believer in you being the only one who can save yourself. This is my umpteenth attempt at trying to raise out of my grave just like Taylor did. I’m pretty confident that this is the last attempt, so I guess it’s only natural for me to want to share my process with you. Here are five tips that usually help me pick myself up off the floor, and jump back into the real world.

  1. Get excited about anything. Doesn’t matter what it is. For me, its been revisiting  my favorite anime. I get super excited at new fan art, concepts or theories, and I’ve even started drawing again, which hasn’t happened in a solid year or two. This one thing that I’ve been focusing on actually drives my day. It inspires me to do something creative. It’s inspired me to do research and I could that as a productive day honestly.
  2. Look back at your creative works/things that used to inspire you. Taking a look at my old drawings or written pieces often gives me motivation to start a new piece, or I cringe so bad I’m motivated to delete and start over. Either way, it gives me some form of motivation that is really important to getting the ball rolling.
  3. Do one thing a week that is out of the ordinary. I think the continuous cycle of routine is what gets me bogged down so when I find I’m getting a little reclusive I push myself to do some sort of social-ish activity that I normally wouldn’t do. Today, instead of just watching Friends while waiting for the express bus, I got a friend and we went down to get bubble tea. It literally only took us an hour, but it was enough to break the same old routine, and it felt amazing.
  4. Do not indulge in comfort things! I know it’s super difficult, especially this time of year, but you have to resist getting too comfy and cozy and giving into home comfort foods. These things, while they are one of the greatest pleasures in life, can really drag you deeper into your hole if you’re not in the right mind set. Hour long baths don’t become a form of relaxation, but a prolong state of anxiety, worrying, and procrastination. Indulging in home comfort foods, which are typically unhealthy, cloud your mind and make you feel sluggish. There’s nothing wrong with throwing a big comfy blanket around you as you work, but try not to fall asleep trying to avoid those problems, okay?
  5. Surround yourself with positive things. Happy tunes to brighten up your morning commute to work, positive thinking, positive vibes, exercise, healthy foods. That list might have got a little less happy after the exercise part, but it has been proven to give you all the feel good endorphins to lift your spirits and expel the demons. Eating healthy makes you feel better, especially when it regulates all those bodily functions, gives you more energy, and just makes you feel like you did something good with your day. So try to start each day with a positive thought, and get into bed each night thinking of one good thing that happened today.

tea quote

I hope these five tips will help you break out of your funk. It can be really hard and debilitating when you can’t seem to get yourself out of bed. But once you do, I always find there’s a new appreciation for life, for a small amount of time that is.

If any of these things have helped you or some similar things have, please let me know, as I’m always looking for new ways to coop and I’m sure others are too!

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