TOP 5 | Favorite Festive Fairy Lights

This might be an odd thing to classify as a favorite, but over the years I’ve come to gather quite a few special fairy lights that I use all round or for specific seasons. Since Halloween has officially come and gone, it’s about time to get some festive Christmas decor going! A big part of getting Christmasy around my room is to add fairy lights, they add a nice soft warm glow of ambiance for when it gets dark at 5 pm.

Now most of these are pretty transitional in terms of seasons, except for one or two on the list, but they’re all used in pretty close range to each other. I wouldn’t put it past anybody to use these year round either, so I hope you enjoy seeing my top five favorite fairy lights. All the fairy lights on my list are battery operated and I’m not too sure if they are carried anymore at the particular locations I got mine, but there are always similar ones other places with different size light bulbs

I would also like to apologize in advance for the crappy iPhone photo quality, my lens for my main DSLR is being fixed and doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it back any time soon. So for now, enjoy the iPhone and the lights in no particular order.

Circular Glass Fairy Lights (Michael’s $16.99)


So initially when I bought these lights, I had no idea they were glass. In being glass, I’ve been a little limited as to where I could put them, they make a really loud sound when they clank together and they do weigh a little more than your average plastic ones. I’ve had to pin them up around my bulletin board, which is where I was buying fairy lights for, using thumbtacks. Here’s to hoping they stay up.

Snowflake Fairy Lights (Home Sense $9.99)


These are my favorite traditional winter/Christmas fairy lights. As I was shopping for new fairy lights this year I found that snowflakes were hard to come by, so I’m glad I got them a few years back when I could. They’re cute, they’re small, and pretty festive. I love that they’re white lights and I always love when fairy lights have double wires.

Autumn Leaves (Home Sense $10.99)


My favorite autumnal fairy lights by far! While I do have a few that are multicolored or just not the standard white/yellow bulb, I absolutely love these as they really give off the festive vibe. I even managed to lace them into our Thanksgiving center piece this year and they looked so cute! For a reference, this was my center piece for this year:


Small White Fairy Lights (IKEA $2.99)


Everyone has got to have these standard bad boys in their collection. Again with the white white, they’re subtle and just add a nice ambiance. I use these in pretty much everything, sometimes I’ll have them in jars, traced around my dresser, or around headboard. They were also ridiculously cheap, as IKEA is, so I couldn’t refuse. The only annoying thing about these is that the cap for the batteries is only accessible with a screwdriver instead of being a slip off, but that’s IKEA for you.

Brass Weave Ball Fairy Lights (Michael’s $16.99)


You might not be able to tell, but they are a golden/brass color that emits a yellow light. They are currently on my headboard and their chunkiness is giving me life. These originally came out with a Christmas collection, and I can totally see them being festive, but I also picked them up with full intentions of using them year round.

These are my top five favorite, kind of seasonal, fairy lights! Fairy lights are the one thing that you can never have too many of in the decor world. They light up every room, literally and metaphorically, and they add a sense of personality and homeliness. My collection is getting obnoxiously big and I’m having to turn to creative ways to store them all.

If you have any favorite fairy lights please let me know, maybe even leave a link so I can check them out. I’m always looking for new lights, battery or plug-in.

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