5 REASONS | Why I Started Blogging


As a little celebration of my blogs first anniversary, I’ve decided to go into a little bit of detail as to what prompted me to start writing and why I continue to do it. While this blog is now officially one year old, I don’t really have many posts and I haven’t been as active as I would have liked to be. A simple reason for this is because I really only post things that I’m passionate about. If I’m not excited to write about a certain topic, experience, or product that I’ve been using, I probably just won’t write anything at all.

While I’ve tried to keep a kind of schedule in my more recent months, I wouldn’t want to pump out less than perfect posts to just fill in the scheduling timeline. While this means I might not post as frequently as other bloggers, I do genuinely take the time to ensure that I love what I’m posting, that I’m passionate about it, and that I can give any advice on. I also have more than double the amount of drafted posts than I have published posts, for a good reason I’ll get to in my points.

  1. I have a voice. I felt like there was no one in my life who genuinely cared about what I had to say. I’m a very self aware person and I have a lot of thoughts, opinions, and ideas that not many people cared to hear about. I don’t mean to make my family or friends out as monsters who don’t care about me, but I am aware that everyone is busy and they all have their own lives and problems to deal with.
    I’m also aware that the things I’m often thinking about are trivial and seemingly unimportant to other people. I used to write in a journal, in fact, I used to write in many journals. While it was nice that I was able to get my feelings and thoughts out onto paper, it didn’t help the fact that there was still no one was hearing me. I’ve often felt ignored and brushed under the rug throughout my life, so blogging is the perfect way to get everything out and have interactions with other people who I know are actually reading and engaging. I know people are actually hearing me. Even if no one reads a certain blog post, I know it’s there for the world and someone, similar to me, might just come across it one day and agree with the same things I’ve experienced and connected with what I’ve had to say.
  2. I like creative things. I’m a very hands-on, creative person who enjoys photography, writing, planning, organizing, and giving advice. Writing is a form of art, and art is beautiful. It’s interpretive, it’s personal, it’s emotional, and it’s universal. What better place to do all of the things you love at once where you could potentially inspire people?
  3. The ability to inspire people. Following up with the second point, anything you put out into the world, especially on the Internet, is available for people from all walks of life to read. Some things people post might upset others, make them sad, happy, nostalgic, or inspired. The idea that a single thought you once wrote on a drafted post ten months ago, that’s finally become a thing, has moved someone to explore their own creative side, or learn something new about themselves is really impressive to me. Whether it’s a fashion post, a beauty post, or a life and travel post, you never know what kind of things will inspire others to get creative or explore.
  4. I just love to write. I’m a rambler, and when I’m talking about a subject I’m passionate about, you can’t get me to shut up. While this sometimes means editing my posts to make sure they don’t exceed a certain word count, it’s a nice feeling to just let all the thoughts flow. Writing has also been very cathartic to me. It’s a way that I’ve been able to purge my emotions through and self medicate myself when I feel down or agitated. Writing has an amazing history of rebellion, resistance, and spreading inspiring voices of these people who have amazing experiences and stories to share.
  5. It’s freeing. What I mean by freeing is that after I write a post, I feel liberated. Especially if it’s a ‘thoughts on life’ type blog post. I feel good after I post reviews because they might actually help someone decide whether or not they want to try a product. I feel great after I vent about life/thoughts/feelings. If someone is going through a similar experience that I am, maybe it’ll help them. It’s also an amazing feeling to open a new blog post and it be completely blank. There’s no template to follow, there’s no guidelines or rules, it’s very open. You can write about anything you want, without limitations, of course there are social limitations, but that’s another story. For the most part, you’re free to express yourself, all your thoughts, and opinions, and there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

All in all, I’m very thankful that I’ve stumbled into the blogging world. Even if I wasn’t blogging, I’d have to be writing one way or another. Whether or not anyone hears what I do have to say, I know it’s out there, and the potential for it to be discovered is also there.

I assume that you reading this are a blogger yourself. Do any of these reasons line up with yours for how you started blogging? I’d love to know what other reasons are that people start writing and blogging. Please let me know!

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