I was looking through my phone, and clicked away at the ‘Storage Full’ message, and realized that I had a lot of decent photos in my camera roll and a lot of crappy, yet semi entertaining ones. I’m sure this has been done somewhere else, possibly on the same platform, but either way I thought it’d be fun to do a little photo challenge with the pictures on your phone.

The premises of this challenge are:

  • You must randomly scroll/flip through your photos and whatever photo your finger lands on, you have to post and explain it.
  • Do this with ten photos.
  • Tag some of your blogger friends to do the challenge!

I’d hope no one has any incriminating photos on their phone, however I understand some people don’t want to release friends or families photos without consent. But please don’t cheat with other photos. We’re all friends here and it’s supposed to be light and fluffy.

I tag fellow blogs What Abbie Says, The Cozy Den, Life According To Maddy, and Sarah Belanova! There is no pressure to actually do this though, just have fun if you do choose to do it and let me know once you do!

So here are my random 10 photos:


So this first picture is of Pink Lady lake on the Gatineau side. My sister took me hiking one day, and it was so beautiful I just had to take about a million pictures of essentially the same thing.


This was at a recent concert I took my best friend too, it was her very first legit concert, this was for Arcade Fire on their Everything Now tour. We got upgraded to 100 level seating because it was that empty. I guess it pays off to be fans of underappreciated bands.


While this might just look like a cup of whip cream, I’ll have you know it was my very first attempt at making a homemade pumpkin spiced latte. It tasted quite nice actually, even if the presentation isn’t anything fancy.


Don’t remember where I was going, or what was happening, but clearly I just loved the black aesthetic I had going on. I’m wearing one of my favorite skirts and using my favorite bag, so naturally I had to take a picture of it.


One of my jobs is at a local toy store which is often very dead. So to fill my time, I go around rearranging the sock monkey’s and other stuffed animals. Cool, right? I just thought it was really funny because they looked like a couple taking an awkward photo.


Everyday for a week or two I took my blood pressure to see if it was normal, overall, it’s slightly below average, but it’s good to know.


Once again, I have no idea what these flowers were for, but I take pictures of every flower that enters my house, so here’s a slightly blurry photo of some pretty flowers.


I think I was at the Toronto Zoo, this picture is hella blurry but here’s a cute meerkat. I just think they’re the cutest things.


Again with my black aesthetics, these were the very first pair of stick on nails I had ever tried. I was especially proud because I had to shape them myself and they took forever. Even though they only lasted about a day or two, they were worth it for the amount of pictures I took with them.


This is actually quite recent, we took a family friend to high tea for her birthday and I took photos of every single dish and plate and piece of food, as you do. I would have made any food Instagramer proud that day.

So there are my randomly selected 10 photos. I hope you learned something new or found something interesting or at least enjoyed seeing what kind of things were on my phone!

I’d love to see any of your photos on your phone, so if you ever do choose to reveal them in a post make sure to Dm or tag me on Twitter or just leave a comment with your post so I can go check them out!

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