CHRISTMAS | The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

This is just a quick post about both sides of the Christmas cheer to keep everyone a bit grounded before things get crazy with the festiveness. I’m urging you all to do something nice for someone else this Christmas, no matter how big or small.


Christmas is wonderful! It’s a time to spend with your family and friends, have nice home cooked meals and desserts, cozy up next to a warm fire, maybe catch up on some books. Decorating your place with the latest Christmas fairy lights and ornaments is probably the best part. You get dressed up for Christmas Eve/Day in your best clothes, and put on that iconic red lip. Some people might pack in the evening to go on some trip to escape the cold. Christmas Eve you might have a get together with some family, have a nice big meal, play some games, drink, wake up the next morning to find presents under your tree and in your stockings. On Christmas Day, you also might have a big family get together and share food around a large table, laughing, and having a grand old time. Your favorite Christmas playlist that you worked on for the past month is playing in the background, and you might even go driving around seeing all the decorated houses.

Some people, however, are not as lucky as the rest of us and won’t get to do any of that this Christmas. Or some people might, but they won’t find joy in any of that. We all get really caught up in anything festive, but Christmas is the most important time to ensure that we’re doing something good to make other people happy.

Someone might be stuck in a family that constantly fights, and ruins the happy Christmas spirit in the house. Some people might genuinely hate where they are and find it difficult to be happy around the holiday season. People get stressed. Single parents might be trying to pull off the best Christmas for their kid, but may not have the money to make it as lavish as they would like. Some people might not have a family to celebrate with. Some people don’t have a home to celebrate with. Some don’t have the money to decorate their house, invite friends over, buy presents, or even eat a Christmas meal.

For many people, Christmas can also be a source of sadness. Parents who have an empty nest, or parents with bad relationships with their children, but desperately want to spend the holiday’s with them. Some people might have crippling depression and anxiety that forces them to feel unhappy despite everyone else around them being so cheery. No one should be alone or feel alone throughout the holiday’s, but sometimes, people don’t have a choice.

Do something. Even if it’s small. Pay it forward at a local coffee shop, hold the door open, donate to shelters, send warm clothes to those on the street, give food to food shelters, give a kid a toy through donation boxes, but most importantly, just be kind to everyone you see.


Sorry to start the Christmas posts off on a little bit of a downer, but I think it’s so important for people to remember that sometimes Christmas isn’t the happiest time of the year, but the saddest and most difficult. Do anything in your power to make someones holiday seasons a little bit better, even if it’s just smiling at a homeless person on the street, inviting a foreign exchange student over for Christmas dinner. It doesn’t have to be big, but even the smallest gesture can make the grandest difference.

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