AUTUMN | My Favorite Season

I think autumn, or fall, is a pretty popular season amongst people around the world, and for many solid reasons. While it’s a gentle reminder that warmer weather is going, and the most beautiful plants and trees are dying, it is prompting a different kind of beauty. Some people may disagree because they hate the biting cold, or the chill of a gust of wind, but even though it does get colder, the sun still shines the same and it turns every passing forest into a stream of red and golden hues. There’s nothing more beautiful than going for an evening stroll and seeing the trees around you all in vibrant colors like russets, golden yellows, piercing oranges, and deep reds. Even though the days start to get shorter and the nights grow longer, the sun doesn’t set at such an early time where you can’t go out an enjoy the scenery. You can capture the beauty even by taking a nice drive alongside a scenic route in your 
town or by going on an invigorating hike. Fall is also the time to get outside and let your nose hairs freeze a little. Going apple picking, pumpkin patch hunting, even just going outside to get some of those seasonal Starbucks drinks are worth it! Don’t forget to get out and enjoy it, but also feel free to stay in and be as cuddly and comfy as you wish.

There isn’t anything more satisfying than walking on a ground littered with fallen leaves, hearing the crunch under your shoe as you stroll along. I’m not sure about you, but every autumn, as I walk from or to the bus stop every day, the fallen leaves always have me thinking about permanence and the inevitability of everything. I believe autumn to be the most reflective and the most self empowering time of year. I feel like I get to be with myself, and enjoy the time, more than the rest of the year. Gathering the most soft, and wooly sweater I can find, throwing on ridiculous amounts of blankets, cuddling up, rather in my bed, or by a fire, with a favorite book or journal, I could sit there for hours. I find reading is always a nice way to spend time with yourself, even if you are off in another world, and writing in a journal to keep all your thoughts and ideas in is just a different way to vent your emotions and thought. The cozy environment makes me feel incredibly relaxed and stress free.  

With all the time spent with yourself, no one can deny a good shopping spree this time of year. It’s near Thanksgiving and Halloween, two big holidays, yes I know Halloween isn’t a holiday, but it should be, which require the 
decoration of pumpkins, leaves, wreaths, cornucopias, and lots and lots of comfort food. A time when family and friends get together to celebrate or to be scared. Sticking with my previous paragraph, a few of the things I mentioned that make me feel insanely calm during these times are blankets, sweaters, and fire. A lot of stores have amazing throws, flannels, and fuzzy blankets in autumnal colors just waiting to be bought. It’s a major source of temptation for me but so far I’ve been strong. Sweaters, not so much, I’ve fallen off my little wagon, but I’ll get back on track. The huge, oversized, comfy, chunky knit sweaters are actually all I wear during this time   all through till the New Year. I feel like everyone has to have the staple sweaters that are just a) really cute and festive, b) super warm, and c) most importantly, comfy af. They have an array of autumnal colors and different knits available. I appreciate this time of the year the most, mostly because I typically gravitate towards darker clothes, so this time is perfect if you’re like me. Finally, fire, and I don’t mean you go shopping around for new fireplaces or radiators. I’m talking about the candles. The candle game is strong this time of year. Instead of going on a rant about autumn candles that I could probably fill a blog post on, I’ll just say that the smell of pumpkin, cinnamon, orange, and cloves basically make fall. Some people aren’t a big fan of pumpkins or the strongly scented candles and scents, which is totally fine, but even if those aren’t your thing, I have candles named Leaves and Autumn, and somehow, they smell like fresh leaves, and come on, no one hates the smell of those, right?

Another thing we can’t forget to do and mention is to take some time out for 
yourself! Pamper yourself, have a little beauty session with some friends or family or just yourself. Everyone deserves to be pampered and to be treated like a queen every now and then. Draw yourself a nice bath, put on a face mask, buff your skin and just chill out. It’s the perfect time to do all that good stuff for your body because, typically, not a lot of skin is exposed to the harsher climate this time of the year. Moisturize those vital parts, hands and lips, like your life depends on it because nothing is worse than bloody lips/knuckles and that god awful burning sensation whenever you get them wet. 

All in all, autumn is a beautiful time to come closer with yourself, read a few good books, go on a mini shopping spree, and be with friends and family. If you’ve read this far in, I congratulate you, and also wish you luck. I was reluctant to bring up a negative aspect about fall because I love it so much, but as the days come closer, I know school starts back up for many of us and it’s time to be put to the grind again. Just don’t forget to take some time and appreciate all the beauty around you, and take some time out to pamper yourself and just chill out! 

Please let me know, is autumn/fall your favorite season? If it is, or if it’s not, why is that? Any of the same reasons as me?  I know a lot of my fondest memories happen in fall, if you have one you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about them!

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